Should women be positions of command in the Indian Army?

06/02/2020 - 11/02/20203,321 votes
At a time when the world is fighting for causes like feminism and women empowerment, the Centre has told the Supreme Court that male troops may not be ‘ready to accept women officers.’ The union government said that it, thus, cannot appoint women in commanding positions in the Army. The Centre backed its statement by saying that the male troop predominantly comes from a rural background and may not be in a position to accept commands from a female leader. Additionally, it said that women have more family demands and that they were at a danger of being taken prisoner of war. We ask you, at a time when women are flying fighter jets and making economic decisions for our country, can't they be in positions of command in the Army? Vote below.

Q1. Can women officers be in positions of command in the Indian Army?

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